James Slattery

The Sunbury Metal Show

James Slattery on Sunbury radio

Listen to James Slattery’s The Sunbury Metal Hour every Thursday starting at 2pm.

Hello. My name is James. My show features music from Australia, including new artists featured on Australian Music Radio Air Project, along with a range of bands from around the world such as Kiss, Alice Cooper, Skillet, and many others.

Some bands you might already know. And some you might not of heard of before. The show is a mixture of hard rock, heavy metal, and some soft rock.

I have been on community radio before, but not for 20 years. I was approached to volunteer at Sunbury Radio as I do volunteering with sound mixing in other settings and have been playing with sounds mixers, including many different brands models, for over 20 years since I was 18. Each system is different. I use both analogue and digital mixers.

Favourite movies and TV shows

My top TV shows are The Chaser and The X Files, Star Trek, and Hard Quiz. Favourite movies include all the Jurassic Park / Jurassic World movies, and Mad Max 1, 2, and 3.