Meet the team…

Alicia, host of The X Show on Sunbury Radio, Melbourne.


The X Show

Alicia hosts The X Show every Monday from 3pm playing hits from 70s right through to 2000s.
Alan James

Alan James


Alan James plays music from the movies Mondays from 10am.
Steve Hart host of Just Jazz

Steve Hart

Just Jazz

Steve Hart hosts two hours of cool smooth and soulful jazz every Sunday from 6pm.
Max and Zac, Selt-Titled

Max and Zac


Max Augoustakis and Zac Main play rock music, and host guest musicians, every Sunday from 9pm.
Ian Lamount

Ian Lamont

A Slice of British

Ian Lamont plays British music from the 70s right up to today's UK top 40, Fridays from 6pm.
The D O Show

The DO Crew

The DO Show

The DO Show starts at 11am every Friday, and is hosted by Josh, Robert, Lochy, and Simon.
Garry Anderson

Garry Anderson

Sunday Country

Known on air as ‘Gazza’, Sunday Morning Country runs from 9am until noon.
Bill Kirk

Bill Kirk

Breakfast presenter

Bill Kirk hosts Bill’s Breakfast Coffee Niché every Thursday from 7am.
Happy Jack Harris.

Jack Harris

Breakfast presenter

Happy Jack hosts A Nice & Easy Breakfast every Monday and Wednesday between 7am and 10am.
Barry Maxwell

Barry Maxwell

Blues on the Hill

Barry Maxwell hosts Blues on The Hill every Tuesday from 8pm.
Jeff Mifsud

Jeff Mifsud


Jeff Mifsud hosts The Front Verandah show every Monday 7pm to 9pm.
Chris Galea

Chris Galea

Rock presenter

Chris hosts two shows; JukeBoz on Wednesdays, and TinShed Music on Fridays.
Olly Olsen

Alan Olsen

The Bluegrass Show

Alan 'Olly' Olsen hosts The Bluegrass show on Thursdays from 6pm.

James Slattery

The Sunbury Metal Show

Listen to James Slattery’s The Sunbury Metal Show every Thursday starting at 2pm.
Big Sonny

Big Sonny

Radio in Motion

Big Sonny plays a variety of music, and discusses matters of the day, every Tuesday from 6pm.
Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith

Krome Plated Yabby Show

Andrew plays a variety of rock music with a focus on Australian artists. Wednesdays from 6pm.
Ron Bourke

Ron Bourke


Listen to Ron Bourke's breakfast show every Tuesday from 6am.
Dean Walker

Dean Walker

In The Jail House Tonight

Dean presents a selection of music based on songs about prison, Wednesdays from 8pm.
Gareth Huggett

Gareth Huggett

Rock 'n' Roller

Gareth Huggett plays his selection of the best rock tracks Mondays from 5pm.
Evan Barton, snap, crackle and pop

Evan Barton

Snap, Crackle & Pop

Evan Barton play electronic music with soul and texture every Thursday from 8pm.