Presenter membership

    I, the above named applicant, apply to become / renew as a Presenter of 99.3fm Sunbury Radio 3NRG.
    As a member and presenter I agree to be bound by the rules and policies of the Station,
    the relevant Australian Broadcast Codes of Practice, Media regulations and applicable Common Law.

    I agree that membership is subject to upholding the values and objectives of the Station, and that conduct causing disruption or disrepute to the Station may result in cancellation of membership.

    Presenters are given an information pack explaining their responsibilities during training.

    For privacy and personal security purposes, I require my personal contact details be restricted
    from access by other Members when accessing the Association's Register of Members.

    Name: 3NRG Incorporated

    Our Bank Details: BSB: 633000 Acc No: 135 330 959

    Cheques to be made out to: 3NRG Incorporated.

    Our address: PO Box 340, Sunbury, VIC, 3429

    ABN 39 020 283 221