Bill Kirk

Bill Kirk
Bill Kirk
Bill Kirk

Bill Kirk hosts Bill’s Breakfast Coffee Niché every Thursday from 7am.

Tell us about yourself

I have been in Sunbury since July 1983. I joined the radio station as a presenter in early 2005, and have hosted numerous programs of music, sport, etc since. I’ve also served for the majority of that time on the station’s committee as treasurer and and in general member roles.

I have been active on school and church councils, the Family History Society, and assisted on various sporting groups when my children were participating. These days, the radio and Family History/Heritage suffice.

I’m am an avid reader, an enthusiastic supporter of music, most of the arts, conservation, social welfare issues, and international events.

Tell us all about your show

I describe the show as relaxing, moderate, and an opportunity to provide an oasis of calmness in what can be a busy part of the day for listeners.

Music I feature includes folk, indigenous, jazz, a few oldies, occasional selections of soul, blues, country, international, and show music, with a traditional pop song now and then.

In general, the music played is of Australian indigenous and non-indigenous performers, though certainly not limited to these shores.

The show occasionally includes a touch of comedy, an occasional live interview, some news from the regional and rural art galleries, an attempt to provide some tips for that day’s horse races, selections from the week’s community newspaper, news headlines from the ‘Age’, and regular weather updates, and more.

What’s you all-time favourite album?

Daly-Wilson Big Band – On Tour (1973).

Do you play a musical instrument?

The intention was always there…Guitar, harmonica, violin, but I never really made it (optimism still remains).

What’s your favourite movie or TV show?

The film An Officer And A Gentleman.

What’s your advice to those thinking of volunteering at Sunbury Radio?

If you have the time to be committed, go for it – and if it’s a music program in particular, make sure your listeners are aware that you love to share the music you are playing – sound as though you mean it.

Importantly, although we are volunteers, always try and sound as professional as you possibly can.

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